From the recording $ell the Sky

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Time for the show

I’ve fallen, I’ve lost the game
You force me to hide my face
Control me while I degrade

For the show
Put on a halo

But I don’t really want it above my head

Embalm me before I’m stale
Ignore me while I decay
I’ve fallen

Get along, get along, get along, get along
Why do we go on?

Better wrong than never to feed myself
Well, if you’d help, I could free myself
And I won’t think that I’m in hell, whoa

(background lyrics)
I don’t like to get involved
In things that make it difficult to settle my head
But choice not mine, so go find me in my hell, whoa

All the things that I can solve
Are things that I could take or leave or drop in the bucket
So spill me out to sea, ‘cause me, I’m not well

Got another envelope
Remindin’ me to hurry up & bury my head
So I won’t have to see it, my soul you sell

Oh, I could feed myself
If I could free myself
But I think I’m in hell

Put on the show
Put up or shut up