1. Silly

From the recording $ell the Sky

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Won’t give in to be another one
But the spell I’m in can’t be undone
You won’t lift it, it’s into my blood

All the ways I try to push it out
All the ways I try to settle down
You won’t let me, I’m under your roof

If I kick this, will I miss it?
Will I find a way to fill the hole?
Should I touch the pain or let it go?

You come with it, I can’t fix it
You convince it, I believe it

Came from outta nowhere
And now it won’t go away
I’m wrong, I know that
But I don’t seem to care, no
I push it over the edge ‘cause I want more
You might as well go
Put on your cloak and take me away

Will there ever be another world
Where the things I have could be enough?
I can’t makeshift the life that I want

If I resist, will I cleanse this?
Will I finally escape the hold
Of the things that I keep feeding more?

You possess it, I collect it
You convince it, I believe it