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  1. Lotus

From the album Number Nine EP

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In the final light, we could call it all right
High, we could call it ours, call it ours
With ascending minds, we could stall our insides
Hide, we will cover up, cover up

I would walk, but only one would barely understand at all
Even when it’s good, I can’t get off
In the silent walk, but I can’t carry on, I’ll tell it all
Even when I do, I can’t belong

In defining light, we could call it a sign
Hype, we could talk it up, chalk it up
In our falling skies, we could call it on time
Fight, we will call it off, call it off

(Repeat Chorus)

I couldn’t be alone at all
Wasting away under darkened walls
How could I see the lotus fall
Into the lake of fiery claws

(Repeat Chorus)