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  1. Sandcastle

From the album Replica

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Shoulda left my words at home | Didn't know I wouldn't be alone | To test the guard in my heart | And I won't let nobody know | So just leave my guardian alone | I couldn't lie if I tried
I don't wanna know we're only comin' here one time | All I need to know is where you're hidin' the wine | I ain't had enough of all the things that you won't like | All you need to know is that I tried to hide | And it all might fall apart | But even when the room gets dark | There's only one in my heart And I go too far, I know | But I ain't sayin' nothin' more | For every wall there's a fight | Hell, I'm not that smart | I'm not that far | I can't rely on the dark side | Oh, I won't rely on myself | Hey, I can't rely on the soft side | Oh, I won't rely on the light