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Cd cover lg
  1. Checkmate

From the album In Through the Outro



These walls are broken
Gonna come crumblin’ down
There’s no other choice
But to sink this ship, I think I will
You’re all the same
But this game is over, it’s over

It’s a disease
You’re outta your mind, outta your mind
& I’m sick of the way
You keep screwin’ all my loved ones
You robbed my dad
And you rape my friends
Now it’s over, it’s over

One dollar at a time
‘til you lose your strength
One person at a time

Wake yourself up
Wake your friends up, it’s time
To wake the world up and peek out
All the symbols, gone
As the plans arrive
This world’s assembled in a shell
& all of us could be the ones to break away
Find a better way to be

So you water it, water it
Until it drowns out
You keep planting it, planting it
Until the seeds dry out
But I don’t see the sense
In diggin’ your own grave or mine
& I don’t care what you say to justify it
‘cause you’ll always win
Well, maybe not this time

One dollar at a time
‘til you lose your strength
One person at a time
‘til you’re left with nothin’
One little guy times one million times

You’re takin’ us for a ride
But we won’t go down quietly
Gotta break away
Fuck your evil ways, we’re leavin’…

Lyrics by Michelle Pavcovich

Music by Upwell
Music and Lyrics © 2015 Upwell