From the recording In Through the Outro



You take everything
But you kill us all along the way
I see it all comes down to you
And your stupid sense of pride, and your money, too
Just pull the shades
I can’t look up, I can’t look out

We’re slaves, all of us (all of us)
We have no say
Not any single one of us
I see the end is coming soon
& I’m beginning to think there’s nothin’ that we can do
We can’t be saved
I can’t see how, it’s too late now

Make me understand
Why you don’t care
You don’t care at all
It’s the only world we have
& I can’t watch
As you drill it down
I can’t understand
How you can’t care
Don’t understand at all
Now the world is in your hands
& I can’t watch
You throw it all to hell

(Back vocal lyrics)
Time won’t heal
This place from you
You say, you do
But now it kills you, too
Why won’t you
See all that you do?
I cry for you
But now you rape me, too

Lyrics by Michelle Pavcovich

Music by Upwell
Music and Lyrics © 2015 Upwell