1. Octo

From the recording In Through the Outro



Pick out your vice
I’m drunk, you’re high
Are we takin’ pain away or makin’ more?
It’s all we want, it’s all I want
So we’re at war anymore
Anytime they say so
Now we’re numb, yeah
It’s all they want, it’s all they want

Pick out your price
I’m sure you’ll decide
Are we waitin’ to be saved or somethin’ more?
It’s all we want, it’s all I want
We don’t know anymore
What we live this life for
So live it now, yeah
It’s all we got, it’s all you got


We never want the same things (x2)
No, no, no, no, no we don’t
No we no we don’t, we don’t
We’ll never find a safe place (x2)
No, no, no, no, no we won’t
No we no we won’t, we won’t
We’ll never live the same way
We’ll never live the same day
We are all the way we are
All the way we are, we are
We’ll never find the same place
We’ll never find a peaceful way
Evil in all the ways we are

Run cold
I feel no sympathy
I care with everything
Death kills
All I see
I carry everything
Into the symphony
Then you’ll
Be unmistakably
Always be
Numb, dulled
Until we’re all insane

Lyrics by Michelle Pavcovich

Music by Upwell
Music and Lyrics © 2015 Upwell