1. Feel the Blood

From the recording In Through the Outro



He won’t live in a brave mind
Feel the water, breathe it in, now
Didn’t wanna break my heart
So I hid it in the shallow sea
Wonder why the safe side
Has always got it in for me, now
Every time I try to sleep
I just lay there, scattered, thinking deep

We won’t live in the grave, but
Feel the worms, they’re creepin’ in, now
Didn’t wanna split my heart
So now it lives in solemn sleep
So many scrapes inside
Feel the blood, it’s drippin’ down, now
All the while, I try to breathe
But the pain keeps suffocating me

It’s the same thing that’s keepin’ him down
He’ll just keep on draggin’ it out (psyched out)
He’ll just keep on repeating himself

And I don’t regret a thing
But I can’t forget you
No, I can’t forget
But I can’t depend on you
And I can’t make sense
But I can’t be sad
I just surrender
& I just remember
But I don’t regret
No, I don’t regret a thing

Let it go! (repeat)

Lyrics by Michelle Pavcovich

Music by Upwell
Music and Lyrics © 2015 Upwell